Joshua Rapp


I am currently a Research Scientist at Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories (MERL) in Cambridge, MA. I received my Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Boston University in 2020, during which I was supported by a Draper Fellowship. Following my PhD, I was a postdoctoral researcher in the Computational Imaging Lab at Stanford University.

My research lies at the intersection of optics, electronics, signal processing, mathematical modeling, and computer vision. So far, my work has focused on expanding the capabilities of single-photon lidar systems, from increasing acquisition speed, temporal resolution, and robustness to ambient light to seeing around corners.


June 2021

I've started a new position as a Research Scientist on the Computational Sensing team at Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories.

January 2021

High-Flux Single-Photon Lidar appears in Optica, demonstrating how Markov chain modeling can mitigate dead times in both single-photon detectors and timing electronics.

December 2020

I'm thrilled to have my 2017 paper "A Few Photons Among Many: Unmixing Signal and Noise for Photon-Efficient Active Imaging" selected for the 2020 IEEE Signal Processing Society Young Author Best Paper Award! The award will be officially presented at ICASSP 2021 in Toronto.

November 2020

Seeing Around Corners with Edge-Resolved Transient Imaging published in Nature Communications!

Dithered depth imaging, describing how depth resolution can be improved in quantization-limited time-of-flight systems, is published in the "3D Image Acquisition and Display: Technology, Perception and Applications" feature issue of Optics Express.

July 2020

Advances in Single-Photon Lidar for Autonomous Vehicles: Working Principles, Challenges, and Recent Advances published in IEEE Signal Processing Magazine

May 2020

My PhD dissertation won the Outstanding Dissertation Award - Electrical Engineering from the BU ECE Department

January 2020

Officially graduated with my PhD in Electrical Engineering from Boston University, moved to California, and started a postdoc at Stanford in the Computational Imaging Lab

July 2019

Excited to have two papers published in the same issue of IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing: Estimation From Quantized Gaussian Measurements: When and How to Use Dither and Dead Time Compensation for High-Flux Ranging

October 2018

Won a Best Student Paper Award at ICIP 2018 for a paper on dither in lidar systems

September 2017

Paper on single-photon lidar in high ambient light published in IEEE Transactions on Computational Imaging: A Few Photons Among Many: Unmixing Signal and Noise for Photon-Efficient Active Imaging


Boston University

Ph.D., Electrical Engineering

2014 - 2020

Tufts University

B.S., Electrical Engineering

2010 - 2014


Feb. 2021: Success in a Major Key, Tufts School of Engineering

Jan. 2021: New Frontiers in Self-Driving Cars, BU Center for Information & Systems Engineering

Dec. 2020: Joshua Rapp wins the 2020 IEEE SPS Young Author Best Paper Award, BU Center for Information & Systems Engineering

Dec. 2020: New imaging technique uses corners to see around corners, BU College of Engineering

Oct. 2018: The Depth of Depth Measurement, BU College of Engineering